Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is.
The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.
Virginia Satir

Shiatsu in Berlin

Shiatsu („finger pressure“) is a mindful, energetic bodywork, that comes originally from Japan. Shiatsu is anchored in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and integrates modern western knowledge about health. In the last 30 years, Shiatsu has become very popular in the Western world and has made progress independently. The special art of Shiatsu is to adapt the touch individually to the client with his or her actual needs. Shiatsu is…

  • unique and individual
  • gentle and intensive
  • beneficial and relaxing
  • harmonizing and vitalizing.

Understanding the messages of body and soul…
According to traditional Eastern health teachings, our life is stamped by constant change processes. Signs of decreasing self regulation are for example

  • tensions
  • pressure to perform
  • circuiting thoughts
  • mood swings
  • indisposition and inner anxiety.

If we don’t notice these signs, they can transform into discomforts and lead to illnesses and life crisis.

Shiatsu activates your inner healing powers and raises your energy level. This way you may achieve to promote your general health and mental flexibility, positive attitude in daily life and finding unison with your surroundings. Shiatsu is suitable

  • to reduce stress and enhance relaxation when you feel overloaded
  • after illnesses
  • as support in situations of crisis, burnout and change processes
  • to company your pregnancy
  • to support you in your menopause
  • to strengthen and develop your inner resources and abilities to cope with life.

The shiatsu treatment
Shiatsu is an intensive full body treatment. You are comfortably dressed and lying in a relaxed position on a soft matrace on the floor. I mainly work on specific points with my thumb and palm, using my body weight. I adapt the pressure to your individual needs. A shiatsu treatment can be very gentle or energetic and powerful. Tensions and blockades can dissolve. Your body relaxes deeply and at the same time becomes more vital. You are more aware of your body and learn how to keep and integrate this recovered and relaxed attitude in your daily live.

My studio
is in Fidicinstr. 8a, in the lovely „Bergmannkiez“ in Kreuzberg with lots of nice cafes and little shops. The Tempelhofer Feld (former airport and now a huge park with interesting things to do and a nice view) and the Viktoriapark (another nice park with a little waterfall) are just around the corner.

About me
I am a qualified shiatsu practitioner, acknowledged by the German Shiatsu Federation (professional organization for shiatsu practitioners) after having graduated from a 3 years of professional shiatsu studies. I do shiatsu now for more than 15 years.

1 x 60 min: 65 €                      5 x 60 min: 300 €                5 x 90 min: 425 €
1 x 90 min: 90 €                    10 x 60 min: 550 €              10 x 90 min: 800 €

I speak english, french, spanish, portuguese and german, so no worries about communication!

Make an appointment today for a Shiatsu session! If you have any questions or concerns, please just send me an email or call me:
(+49) 30 70242868 or (+49) 157 52600213  ·

 Feedback of my clients
„I came to Shiatsu with persistent back aches, and the experience was amazing. Already during the massage my back, and my entire body, felt better. I had the sensation of spring come over me – of feeling happy, hopeful and well. In the days since the massage, I have had a tingling sensation of healing all over my back. I feel great. Thank you!“