Element Seminar Earth

Focus: Calmness, stability, compassion, emotional security

When:                 late summer
Where:               Freiburg or Ettenheim


  • €80 per seminar including lunch and snacks made from selected ingredients of the earth element (organic and vegan)
  • €350 for all five element seminars

Finding myself and my centre
How is my digestion? How is my stomach? Do I feel grounded? Do I feel at home in my body and in my life?
The earth element focuses on “nourishing and being nourished” – meaning not only the food that makes us feel sated and content, but referring also to the food for our soul that gives us emotional security and allows us to feel welcome. Through earth’s energy we can learn to care for ourselves and others as well.

Celebrate the fruit of the earth
Honey is a typical ingredient from the earth element, so naturally, it’ll feature in our delicious 3-course menu that we’ll cook and enjoy together. As a starter, we’ll treat ourselves to a fruity pumpkin and mango soup.  The earth element symbolises harvest. Like in the land of milk and honey, everything will be provided for, so that we can eat from late summer’s sweet and ripe fruit.

Try to relax …
All things in life can be linked to the five elements – including power animals. The bear, for example, embodies the qualities of the earth element that you’ll learn to sense in this seminar: It has a warm, cosy skin, and its movements are slow and relaxed as it enjoys licking sweet honey.

In an intimate group, you’ll learn how to rebalance your earth element. Various exercises and a Shiatsu treatment focusing on the earth element will teach you how to live out the bear in you … or perhaps the purring cat relaxing in the sun!

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If the centre is strong, a thousand illnesses can be cured. If the centre is weak, often there is little hope.

Chinese proverb