What my clients say

“I was always looking for a treatment method that would provide me with a more intense experience than traditional physiotherapy, a treatment that would go deeper to actually release tensions. And because it can, shiatsu is a gift of life for me, because it achieves exactly that. With Judith’s treatments I feel very much cared for, because she always knows exactly what I need to feel fitter or more relaxed after a session. Thank you, Judith!”

“Judith’s shiatsu treatments are … difficult to sum up in words – I’m so surprised! They’re incredibly effective – I feel lighter, clearer, and more relaxed! Judith is very open-minded and easy to talk to, and her shiatsu treatments are perfect. It’s a blessing to have her here!”

“I’m nine months pregnant – and in part I owe it to Judith that I’m still able to walk normally. It’s not only that her treatments leave you deeply relaxed – they’re always spot-on as well. I’ve been to many massages, but I never had someone who took a look at the “big picture”. Before each treatment, she takes a couple of minutes to talk to me – to ask me how I feel etc. I immediately found that super pleasant. So there’s also space to talk about what’s made me feel uncomfortable each week. There are always minor complaints during a pregnancy. Judith always takes care to treat them. I can only recommend this form of treatment – even after my pregnancy I’ll continue seeing her to work on my hip and other things.”

“I received my first shiatsu treatment thanks to a voucher. I had no previous experience and therefore had no idea what to expect. Shiatsu – touches that move. Judith couldn’t have put it any better. In her sensitive hands, I feel safe. I can completely open up to her touches and movements – like a baby. After each treatment, I feel relaxed and reborn. I’m going through menopause. All of a sudden, I’d have a hot flush. It took just one single session – and they haven’t returned since! I’m completely thrilled by what shiatsu can do for me, and that’s why I immediately booked five treatments.”

“A clear, calm room, a large, soft futon on a natural wooden floor, and an extremely friendly shiatsu practitioner: Those were my first thoughts when I entered the room in which Judith treats her clients. And I believe I can feel the natural joy she experiences in touching people, sometimes deeply, sometimes gently, sometimes demanding, and then again soothing, sometimes mobilizing, and then stretching again.
With the great trust I have in Judith as a person, her knowledge and the quality of her touch, I can open up to and enjoy the depth of our encounter. That’s exactly how I like my body and soul to be taken care of! Many many thanks!”

“I was seven months pregnant, and had little space in my belly when I received my first shiatsu treatment. It took Judith only a couple of touches and the baby started moving – I had the impression that for the first time in a long time it suddenly had enough space in me. And at the end of that one-hour treatment, my baby fit wonderfully into my belly again, like a part of me that was exactly where it belonged. And my back, too, feels strong and relaxed. Carrying the baby has become easier. A huge help. Many thanks – I’ll definitely be coming back regularly.”

„I came to Shiatsu with persistent back aches, and the experience was amazing. Already during the massage my back, and my entire body, felt better. I had the sensation of spring come over me – of feeling happy, hopeful and well. In the days since the massage, I have had a tingling sensation of healing all over my back. I feel great. Thank you!“

“It was an intense session, in which we quickly established a strong connection. In the beginning, I was very nervous, but very soon I felt like wax in Judith’s understanding hands. I let myself fall, and Judith caught me. It was wonderful.”

“Imagine your knee was an intersection and all the lights have failed.
All you can hear are horns and people shouting at each other. Everything has come to a standstill.
Then, you feel Judith’s thumb, and the shouting grows louder.
Her thumb stays where it is, resting calmly, resting until everyone begins to give each other right of way again, until everyone can continue on their initial journey.”

“Your shiatsu treatment made me feel very good. I felt very light, and I felt the energy flowing through me … and I was able to put my problems at a distance that seemed appropriate.”

“It’s difficult to describe how good I feel after one of Judith’s shiatsu treatments. She always manages to calm my physical and emotional tensions, and trigger a feeling of being centred that stays with me for some time. From the first moment on I was able to let go, because I felt very much cared for.”

“You make me feel good. You triggered exactly the right points in exactly the right order. I felt like my whole body was tingling. After the treatment, I felt more relaxed and clearer. This feeling stays with me for a long time, through to the next day, in fact, and then I can open up to it even more.”

„Das Erleben einer Shiatsu Behandlung ist ja schon sehr angenehm… aber was danach frei gesetzt wird ist echt irre! Ich fühle mich leicht und doch gestärkt. Ich fühle mich frisch und kann bestimmt gut schlafen. Ich suche nicht nach Gründen, warum das so ist… aber es fühlt sich wirklich gut an! Ich danke dir!“

“Yesterday’s shiatsu treatment did me very good. For the first time in ages, I was able to sleep through the night, and yesterday evening, too, I felt very refreshed. Our first appointment was in the morning and provided me with a lot of energy for the day. Not only did this energy help me to manage my workload, I also felt it increased my wellbeing. I’m often aware of how tensed up I am, and now I’m able to let go of this tension more easily. I really look forward to our next sessions and your seminar.”

“I came to my first Shiatsu session when I was eight months pregnant and had the feeling of being completely overcharged. I had a bad sleep, didn’t know how to manage to finish important work before the delivery, my child was still lying the wrong way and I often just wanted to cry. With the help of Judith’s work I gained a physical lightness which I wouldn’t have expected at all at the end of my pregnancy. With the physical tensions the emotional tensions went away as well and all went fine. The delivery was relatively quick and unproblematic. Your work certainly has contributed to this a lot. I don’t know how I can thank you for that, Judith.”

“I think you’re very open-minded and full of love, both as a practitioner and as a person. You approach your clients full of curiosity, always willing to discover the best and the most beautiful in each individual, and it seems you’re perpetually surprised at the direction each encounter takes. Like a sculptor, you see each rock’s potential, its structure and texture, and still you’re surprised at each new creation to emerge from it. It must be so rewarding for you – it definitely is for your clients. Thank you!”

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