Element Seminar Wood

Focus: Anger, creativity, decision-making, change

When:                 in spring
Where:                Freiburg or Ettenheim


  • €80 per seminar including lunch and snacks made from selected ingredients of the wood element (organic and vegan)
  • €350 for all five element seminars

Make your dreams come true
In spring, you can’t help but notice how alive, how fresh and dynamic nature is. The wood element’s active energy allows us to unfold our potential, develop visions for our life and give reality to the dreams and ideals we carry within ourselves.

Move and relieve stress, tension and suppressed anger
Am I living out my creativity? Why is spring a wood element, and what does it mean if I often wake up at three in the night and can’t get back to sleep? And how can I dissolve typical energy blocks related to the wood element such as tension or suppressed anger?

This seminar will give you the chance to experience these and many more fascinating topics related to the wood element in practice and with all your senses. In an intimate group, you’ll learn how to rebalance your wood element. I’ll make you familiar with various exercises, self-massage and a shiatsu treatment focusing on the wood element.

Fresh, green, crunchy food
We’ll cook and eat together (organic and vegan) according to the five elements. The fresh and tasty 3-course menu alone is already reason enough to join: It’ll be topped by a fantastic green smoothie! But that’s all I’m going to give away …

Have I made you curious? Then be quick to register – places are limited!

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Nothing is lost. Everything is transformed.

Antoine Lavoisier