There are two things parents should give their children:
roots and wings.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Shiatsu for children

Children nowadays get little physical exercise. They become less and less able to feel themselves. They develop a bad posture, struggle with concentration problems, inner restlessness or hyperactivity / ADHD. Exposed to additional performance pressure, children begin to suffer stress symptoms such as stomach or headaches, mood changes, fears, and sleep problems.

Shiatsu promotes children’s health, stimulates their immune system, and supports their emotional stability. It can give them the peace they need to better cope with their everyday challenges. Shiatsu’s deep touch makes it easier for children to shift from tension to relaxation and establish a balance between activity and rest.

Most children are very open-minded and authentic, and therefore respond very directly to shiatsu treatments. When children receive shiatsu, they experience their body more consciously and are able to expand their sense of self-awareness again. Shiatsu’s sensitive hand and finger pressure conveys trust and security. This helps them to develop their physical self-awareness and their sense of self-worth.

Shiatsu supports children holistically in their development and can help them

  • to relax and increase their well-being,
  • to improve concentration and stamina,
  • to strengthen their self-confidence,
  • to expand their awareness of their body and its limits,
  • to relieve their back,
  • to promote their social and communicative skills, and
  • to minimize fears of going to school.

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