Feeling fit and relaxed at work

How’s your back feeling? What does it say to you spending the entire day sitting at a desk? Does it enjoy that? Or does it complain often? And in that case: Do you listen to its complaints?

Nowadays, work is mostly intellectual work, done in front of a computer: It involves a lot of sitting, reading, typing, clicking and thinking – and little physical activity. We quickly forget that we have a physical body that we have to care for as well.

Backaches, a stiff neck, forehead constantly in wrinkles, eyes strained, the jaw tense … Handling a lot of – and too much hectic – intellectual work can cause concentration problems, exhaustion, and eye strain.

To be able to work with concentration and motivation, it’s important that we remain agile and alive in our bodies. Body and mind constantly interact, and the body provides the mind with the energy it needs to be able to think things through. If our bodies are alive and able to “go with flow”, then our thoughts, too, can flow: We’re able to understand complex problems more quickly and more comprehensively, and we’re more creative in finding solutions and defining targets …

With the help of simple shiatsu and qigong exercises, I’ll show you how to increase your energy and make relaxation a part of your workday. There’ll be little theory, and a strong focus on practical sessions, so you’ll have time to revitalize, relax, and especially: have fun!

A workshop full of tips and tricks on how to make your work and working life more dynamic, lighter and less stressful!

With your input I’ll gladly draft a concept especially tailored to your company and your specific needs. Simply call or email me:

Judith Mayer
0157 52600213