Element Seminar Water

Focus: Trust, relaxation, peace, vitality

When:                 in Winter
Where:               Freiburg or Ettenheim


  • €80 per seminar including lunch and snacks made from selected ingredients of the water element (organic and vegan)
  • €350 for all five element seminars

Strengthening life energy
Where does my existential power, my essence come from? What can I do to minimise exhaustion and burnout, and increase my vitality? Often, even small changes such as slightly shifting our diet, being more mindful, or being emotionally more self-conscious already profoundly improve our daily wellbeing!
Trust the flow of life
How can I deal with the changes that life brings? How can I open up to that flow more easily? What changes can I make to my everyday life to become more relaxed?
The water element provides us with the energy we need to deal with difficult situations and avoid stress. Get immersed in the water element and learn to trust the flow. Various exercises, self-massage and a shiatsu treatment focusing on the water element will teach you how to relax deeply.

Inspiration for your winter cooking
In the water seminar, you’ll learn which ingredients belong to the water element and how to prepare revitalising energy soups and meals that provide the body with the minerals and essential energy it needs. We’ll cook an organic and vegan 3-course menu with algae, which the five elements theory considers a “long life medicine”. For dessert, there’ll be a special sloe elixir to increase your vitality and strengthen your organism. You’re in for a surprise!

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Let yourself fall.
Open up.
Dive in.
Be free.

Joseph Beuys