Shiatsu and starting a family

How can shiatsu help you to start a family?

Difficulties in starting a family always give rise to questions, doubts, and fears. It’s a situation that often weighs down partnerships and can cause additional stress and pressure, which in turn can develop further negative effects on a woman’s ability to conceive.

As a shiatsu practitioner, I rely on my hands to assess your physical health. I then develop an individual treatment strategy for you, and provide you with dietary recommendations and self-care tips. Shiatsu generally has a very relaxing and calming effect. It can also

  • stimulate blood circulation by mobilizing blocked energy,
  • regulate your menstrual cycle, and balance your hormones and body temperature,
  • strengthen your immune system and stimulate your metabolism.

Statistically, difficulties in conceiving children can be traced back to both men and women. Research has shown that shiatsu develops positive effects if both partners are treated. The reasons are:

  • A shared commitment to starting a family,
  • Relaxation: “It eases the pressure”,
  • A shared change in diet,
  • Similar mental or energy blocks, or behavioural patterns weighing down the relationship.

The Five Elements and Starting a Family

The theory of the five elements is derived from nature and describes the interaction between man and nature as well as individual organs in the human organism. Couples experiencing difficulties in starting a family often also experience that their wood, earth, and water elements are unbalanced.

The Wood Element
Wood is the element of movement, expression and creativity. Without them, our energy flow may be constricted, which often becomes manifest in the form of muscular tensions and restrictions in the hip and shoulder. Women may experience that these constrictions affect their menstrual cycle, particularly in the form of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

What effect does shiatsu have on PMS?
Shiatsu can dissolve energy blocks and tensions in the body. It can stimulate and stabilize blood circulation, and free energy so it can reach the womb again.

The Earth Element
Earth is all about our centre. It’s our nourishing, balancing and harmonizing element. The earth element represents our middle age. Maturity, stability, calmness and striving for self-fulfilment motivate us to launch a professional career or start a family.

How does shiatsu affect your centre?
Shiatsu treatments soothe and calm you, and bring you back into contact with your body. Strengthening the earth element can uncrowd your mind, and supply your womb with energy again that was previously absorbed by repetitive thoughts.

The Water Element
Water is the essence of our body’s physical substance. Water is the very basis of existence: Without water, there is no life. A balanced water element provides us with healthy vitality, willpower, and courage. The water element is associated with the kidney, which is considered to harbour our life essence. The kidney deeply affects our sexual energy. It is therefore particularly important to strengthen it and keep it warm. A weakened water element can be accompanied by symptoms such as

  • a cold lower back, or cold legs and feet,
  • a general lack of energy,
  • low libido,
  • frequent urge to urinate, with urine being cloudy to white,
  • sweating and restlessness at night,
  • a dry vagina.

How does shiatsu affect our life energy?

Shiatsu can strengthen and balance our kidney’s energy. In particular if you tend to experience chronic pain in the lower back prior to or during your period, it is advisable to relieve those tensions and revitalize this region.

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