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Pre- and postnatal shiatsu to support your health during pregnancy

Mindful bodywork that you can receive fully clothed – a wonderful way to provide support for yourself and your child!

Pregnancy and birth are an exciting time full of change. Still, the physical and hormonal change women have to cope with often causes discomfort, nausea, and muscular tensions. In this phase in particular, shiatsu is an effective method to help you relax, prepare for birth and recover after delivery.

Shiatsu Treatments

There are a number of positions in which you can receive shiatsu. You can lie cushioned on the floor, for instance, in the first months of pregnancy still on your back, or on your side. I’ll gently apply relaxing pressure to parts of your body and their energy pathways.

Shiatsu during pregnancy

  • reduces discomfort and nausea with the help of techniques that centre and ground you. You’ll feel closer to your centre and find yourself more relaxed in defining your new role.
  • can dissolve tensions, for example in the pelvic girdle, with the help of gentle, mobilizing bodywork.
  • improves your lung capacity through mindful stretching of the shoulder and chest.
  • promotes relaxation, physical well-being and elasticity. Treatments support your body in preparing for labour, and enable it to recall the touches while you are in labour, and react with relaxation.
  • relaxes your belly and gives your body and your baby more space.
  • brings you into closer contact with your baby and allows you to feel your child more intensely.
  • supports the baby in finding its optimal birth position as well as its relaxation during and after birth and its overall resilience.

Shiatsu after birth …

  • allows your body and mind to relax and de-stress.
  • opens up space for you to care for yourself.
  • provides you with fresh energy. It increases life energy and stimulates self-regulation.
  • helps you to regain balance, strengthen your basic sense of trust, and minimize fears.
  • increases your physical and emotional self-awareness.
  • encourages you to trust your inner wisdom.
  • strengthens your skills and intuition as a mother.

Naturally you and your baby can relax together during treatments.

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Regular treatments (2 to 4 times per month) help to achieve long-term improvements.

Ideally, your child develops most of its biological, personal, and social skills during pregnancy. For this reason, pregnant women in Japan are advised to surround themselves with all things in life that convey beauty and promote inner strength. Listening to relaxing music, enjoying nature and receiving effective bodywork such as shiatsu helps expecting mothers to build up energy, and protect themselves and their babies from worries, illnesses, and stress.

Download my flyer “Shiatsu during pregnancy and after birth” (in German) here.

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What my pregnant clients say

“I’m nine months pregnant – and in part I owe it to Judith that I’m still able to walk normally. It’s not only that her treatments leave you deeply relaxed – they’re always spot-on as well. I’ve been to many massages, but I never had someone who took a look at the “big picture”. Before each treatment, she takes a couple of minutes to talk to me – to ask me how I feel etc. I immediately found that super pleasant. So there’s also space to talk about what’s made me feel uncomfortable each week. There are always minor complaints during a pregnancy. Judith always takes care to treat them. I can only recommend this form of treatment – even after my pregnancy I’ll continue seeing her to work on my hip and other things.”

“I was seven months pregnant, and had little space in my belly when I received my first shiatsu treatment. It took Judith only a couple of touches and the baby started moving – I had the impression that for the first time in a long time it suddenly had enough space in me. And at the end of that one-hour treatment, my baby fit wonderfully into my belly again, like a part of me that was exactly where it belonged. And my back, too, feels strong and relaxed. Carrying the baby has become easier. A huge help. Many thanks – I’ll definitely be coming back regularly.”

“I came to my first Shiatsu session when I was eight months pregnant and had the feeling of being completely overcharged. I had a bad sleep, didn’t know how to manage to finish important work before the delivery, my child was still lying the wrong way and I often just wanted to cry. With the help of Judith’s work I gained a physical lightness which I wouldn’t have expected at all at the end of my pregnancy. With the physical tensions the emotional tensions went away as well and all went fine. The delivery was relatively quick and unproblematic. Your work certainly has contributed to this a lot. I don’t know how I can thank you for that, Judith.”

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