The advantages of shiatsu at your workplace:

  • no travel time, no waiting
  • no undressing, no oil
  • short absence from work
  • reduces health problems
  • improves concentration
  • improves well-being
  • increases job satisfaction and work productivity
  • increases motivation and promotes a good work climate
  • supports your employees’ health and thus minimises absence from work

An example of shiatsu at your workplace:

  • a free room
  • a fixed time (1/2 day per week, for example)

Your employees can arrange treatments to fit their schedules.

With your input I’ll gladly draft a concept especially tailored to your company and your needs. Simply call, text or email me:

Judith Mayer
0157 52600213

People who feel physically well are mentally more balanced as well. They approach their work and their social environment with more energy, joy, and creativity.

Shiatsu in Freiburg or Ettenheim-based companies

          … an energy shower at work

Most office tasks are intellectual tasks – tasks that involve little to no physical activity. Many of us also have an irregular diet and long working hours. These circumstances often cause back aches, muscular tensions, concentration problems and fatigue. They can drown our motivation and make us irritable – clear signals that our body needs more energy and relaxation. Already 30 minutes can be enough time to relax our body and clear our mind. Shiatsu at work has many advantages!

Shiatsu vouchers

Be it as a thank-you for committed employees and colleagues or long-time customers, be it as a Christmas or birthday present – there are many occasions to give away a voucher for a shiatsu treatment.

Workplace health promotion

The German state began supporting workplace health promotion in 2009. Every year, companies can deduct up to €500 per employee for health-promoting and preventive measures such as stress management and relaxation. More and more companies are taking advantage of this programme and are now caring for their employees.

Shiatsu in the workplace is perfect to promote health and fast-working regenerative measures.