In shiatsu, touch develops from gentle and mindful contact.

Shiatsu Treatments

Shiatsu is an intense full body treatment. I will invite you to lie down in a relaxed position on a soft mattress on the floor. Please bring comfortable clothes to wear. I will treat you by using my thumbs and hands to apply gentle pressure to specific points of your body. Instead of employing muscle power, however, I’ll  work by shifting my body weight. In other words, I will let my own weight mindfully sink into your body. This reestablishes deep-down energy connections.

The amount of pressure I use will of course depend on your individual needs and condition. Shiatsu treatments can therefore range from gentle to firm. They can release tensions and dissolve energy blocks. Your body will be able to relax deeply and at the same time feel revitalized. You will experience your body with greater consciousness and learn to sustain this relaxed and revitalized attitude in everyday life.

Please note: I am a shiatsu practitioner (recognized by the Gesellschaft für Shiatsu in Deutschland e.V., a professional body representing shiatsu practitioners). My aim is to promote your health, but I cannot replace a doctor or alternative practitioner. Medical therapies essential for your health should therefore not be interrupted, discontinued, postponed or cancelled in advance.

A person can only self-heal by learning to understand and answer the body’s and soul’s messages.