Element Seminar Metal

Focus: Clarity, freedom, concentration, letting go

When:               in autumn
Where:             Freiburg or Ettenheim


  • €80 per seminar including lunch and snacks made from selected ingredients of the metal element (organic and vegan)
  • €350 for all five element seminars

Focus on the essential
Am I focused on important values and aims, or am I leading a life lacking essential meaning?
The metal element helps you to concentrate on life’s essentials and let go of things that are less important. What will remain? What gives my life sense? Disillusion is followed by clarity, freedom and spiritual growth.

Strengthening the body’s defences
In which ways are my body’s defences connected to my capacity to be autonomous? How can my breathing help me to feel more energy in my body? What does it mean if I often catch a cold?

According to the theory of the five elements, we catch a cold because a coldness has found its way into our body. Therefore, the metal element is associated with hot foods. They dispell stagnation and open the skin’s pores to clear the coldness that has entered the body. Hot food, by the way, can also help to ease sadness and depressive moods that often increase in autumn.

To strengthen your immune system against coughs, colds and other diseases that become common during the cold and wet season, we’ll prepare a delicious 3-course menu with ingredients from the metal element. And for dessert, we’ll bake crispy organic and vegan yeasted oatmeal waffles!

Letting go
In an intimate group, you’ll learn how to rebalance your metal element. Through various exercises, a self-massage, and a Shiatsu treatment focusing on the metal element, you’ll learn to turn inwards and find peace. Because when your thoughts stop, your body and soul can regenerate.

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