Shiatsu stimulates our life energy and improves our health. Receive a treatment – and learn to relax!

Welcome your energy

Do you want to increase your vitality, restore your body’s and soul’s balance, and feel the flow of energy? There’s an effective way to get there: with the help of care and touch. In shiatsu, touch is mindful and respectful, full of depth and empathy. Each treatment is an encounter in the here and now, between you and me – a sensitive dialogue in which I take care to adjust my treatment to your needs and the flow of your energy. Shiatsu works with what reveals itself. This makes each treatment individual and unique.

Open up inner spaces

Shiatsu can help to balance, calm, or revitalize you. It relaxes and stimulates the self-healing powers of our body, soul, and spirit. In shiatsu, touch is profound: It makes our heart feel lighter and frees our mind.

Receiving shiatsu is therefore a very individual experience. Some clients perceive how inner spaces warm or open up. Others feel more flexible. Shiatsu treatments are a calm shelter that open up space and time for you to feel yourself and regain a sense of self-awareness. The particular quality of touch in shiatsu provides people with emotional support. It helps them to feel safe and secure.

Understand your life

Being healthy means being able to understand, accept and actively shape your life, to experience it as meaningful. Shiatsu helps individuals with psychological and physical problems to overcome difficult phases in life and manage the step from one phase to the next.

Shiatsu is a wonderful method of bodywork that understands health as a process of personal development.